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the story behind the book

Boylston St. -  April 15, 2013 - Marathon Monday

As runners were in between their 25th and 26th miles about to finish the 117th Boston Marathon, two homemade explosives were detonated one after the other sending the runners and the audience into a panic. These events would eventually lead to police conducting an extremely thorough search throughout the greater Boston area to catch the culprits. 

Boston/Watertown/Cambridge - Friday April 19

With the suspects targeted, but still on the loose through Thursday night the plot thickens. An MIT police officer is murdered in his car, a car jacking occurs, and shortly thereafter, a shootout with the Police takes place in Watertown. One suspect was pronounced dead during that overnight shootout but the other was still on the run. With options dwindling fast, local government and police forces along with the FBI decided that it would be in everybody's best interests to effectively shut down the City of Boston for Friday April 19th. All residents and employees who live and work in the city were told to stay home, don't come into work, and stay off the streets to aid in catching the last culprit. While most police, news reporters and cameras in general were focused on the events and the search mainly happening in Watertown, Boston was left alone for the day, almost 100% devoid of all life.